Important Deadlines for Exhibit




EXHIBIT DATES: April 24- May 12, Opening Reception, Wednesday, April 26

  • COMBINED GROUP- Postcard concept: Due Feb. 27
  • COMBINED GROUP- Input on wall design: By March 21. If walls need to be changed, they will be installed April 17.
  • Your name as you would like it to appear: Due March 17.   This will be used for postcards, press releases, email marketing, the vinyl letters on the wall, etc.
  • GROUP- Individual spaces decided: By March 17
  • Artist Bio: Due by March 17- Tell your story-100-240 words max. Introduce yourself to people that don’t know who you are or what being a PSU art student is like. Include your hometown; a positive experience from you time at PSU; what you are interested in artistically and otherwise; what you like about your current work; maybe a moment in a class or a faculty member that opened your mind or inspired you; a piece of advice for younger art students; what you hope for visitors who experience your exhibit; what you hope to do after graduating, etc.
  • Photo of you: (optional) Due by March 17
  • Images: 1-3 good quality images for web and print promotional materials. Due by March 17
  • COMBINED GROUP Plan for overall experience: Due by April 3: Shoebox plan? Video or computer station with websites? Special guest book? Comment box? Other way for visitors to give feedback/participate? Other ideas?
  • Artist Statement: Due April 3
  • Exhibit Plan: Due by April 10: This is your rough sketch for how many works, how much space needed for each, any spatial plans. Make a sketch with proposed dimensions and include a list of works.
  • Installation Plan: Due by April 10, hours you intend to be in the gallery to install, and any installation materials you will need (ladders, hammers, wire, etc)
  • Loan Forms: Completed and emailed by April 17, include prices for artworks, and all info for labels that will go next to each artwork.
  • Install: April 17-21, the gallery can be open for you in the evenings, upon specific request.
  • Opening Reception: April 26, 4-6pm: Plan to attend, dressed professionally
  • Gallery Talks: May 2?- time TBD. First talk is for art students only- with pizza?, second talk is open to all students, faculty, public, and may be videotaped.
  • De-installation: May 15-17