Thesis F20

Tuesday 8/25 

Thursday 8/27

Tuesday 9/1

  • Artist statement Due

Thursday 9/3

  • #1 piece finished due
  • Critique 

Tuesday 9/8

  • Work Day.  Class will not meet.
  • Assignment: Theory Tool Box Reading Summary/Response Chap 2 & 3.  Make a new page on your ePort and read Chapters 2 & 3 of the Theory Tool box. Summarize the main points of each Chapter and then your response.  Do you agree or disagree? Explain why. (1 page each chapter for a total of 2 pages) Be sure to put the URL on the Log.

Thursday 9/10

  • Work Day.  Class will not meet.
  • Assignment Due: Theory Tool box 2&3 Summary/Response due on ePort at beginning of class.

Tuesday 9/15  

  • Work day class will not meet.  If you are finished with your 2 ed piece, keep working on History of your discipline and or start your next piece.

Thursday 9/17

  • #2 piece finished due
  • Critique

Tuesday 9/22

Thursday 9/24

  • In progress work critique 

Tuesday 9/29

  • Due: Images on your ePort of 3 contemporary artists that have made work in the last 10 years and are doing work related conceptually to the work you are doing.
  • Due: Write a 3 page paper explaining the differences in ideas between Modern and Post- modern art and the cultural shifts that encouraged the transition.  Be sure to cite your sources.  Put this on your ePort and a link in our log.    

Thursday 10/1

  • 3ed piece finished Due
  • Critique

Tuesday 10/6

  • Meet at 11 am to talk about Issue Presentation and ePort upcoming deadlines

Thursday 10/8

Tuesday 10/13

  • Due: Revision of your ePort or website that includes everything on this:

Thursday 10/15

Tuesday 10/20

  • Read Cultural Appropriation
  • Write a brief summary and post one of the many links in the article that you found interesting and relevant.  Post on your ePort for others to read.

Thursday 10/22

  • Revision and update of Artist statement Due

Tuesday 10/27

  • Two new pieces Due 

Thursday 10/29

Tuesday 11/3

Thursday 11/5

Tuesday 11/10

  • Run through of Talk

Thursday 11/12

Tuesday 11/17

  • Fall Review
  • two new pieces (Pine two pieces, Callie 3 pieces, Andrew two pieces that don’t just look like art with superficial meaning.)

Thursday 11/19

Final Exam: Saturday (Yup!), November 21, 9:00-10:30 am