Thesis S21

Tuesday 2/2 Meet on Zoom at 11am

  •  Work on 2 new pieces

Thursday 2/4 Class Does Not Meet

  •  Work on 2 new pieces

Tuesday 2/9 Class Does Not Meet

  • Work on 2 pieces

Thursday 2/11 Meet at 11am (Location TBD)

  • Two new pieces due

Tuesday 2/16


Thursday 2/18


Friday 2/19

Tuesday 2/23 

  • Rough Revision on Artist statement
  • Elevator talk/pitch “What kind of work do you make?”

Thursday 2/25

  • Post your Revised Artist statement and elevator talk on our Google doc.  Post it in a form that is down loadable so others can repost it as a document with comments.  You each will do this for the others in our class.     Post a response/comments/evaluation of the 2 different statements (artist statement and elevator talk) in the appropriate spot in the google doc that address the following:
    1. Do the statements reflect the ideas the artist has said their “work is about” in past critiques?  How is it clear and how is it confusing?  Be specific.
    2. When you read the statements and then look at the work does it make sense?  What parts of the statements are working? What parts of the statement need clarification and lead the reader of the track of what the “work is about”?  Be Specific.

Tuesday 3/2 

  • New Piece due: A good one!!!
  • Revised New Revision of Artist Statement.

Thursday 3/4


Tuesday 3/9

  • Exhibit space laid out
  • Combined group plan
  • Your name as you would like it to appear
  • Artist’s bio
  • Photo of you
  • 1-3 high-quality images of your work

Thursday 3/11


Tuesday 3/16


Thursday 3/18


Tuesday 3/23

  • Individual exhibit plan final
  • Artist’s statement emailed in Word doc
  • Hours you plan to install
  • Materials needed for installation
  • Loan forms completed
  • Digital images of all work

Thursday 3/25



  • INSTALL 9:30am-5pm

Tuesday 4/6

Wednesday, April 7 (Zoom)

  • Opening reception/gallery talk

Thursday 4/8

Tuesday 4/13

Thursday 4/15

Tuesday 4/20

Thursday 4/22

Tuesday 4/27

Thursday 4/29

May 3-May 5

  • Deinstallation

Final Exam: TBD