Write an Artist Statement

“I’ve done a lot of really hard things in my life but making art is by far the hardest….except for writing an artist statement.” Unknown Artist

Think about an artist statement as a companion to your work. It does not need to explain everything, may never be completely true and definitely does not tell the whole story (why make the work then!). But it should make sense when a viewer looks at your work and reads the statement. It’s kind of like a good movie trailer, only you look at it after the movie!

There are many ways to write it and different styles but one thing an Artist Statement always is is well-written, clear, and understandable! It is a work in process and you will work on it your whole life and never get it quite right (again if you can explain your idea better in words why make the work!). Below are a few resources to get you going. Do your own research and post the links you found helpful and your first draft of your own Artist Statement on your ePort (and the URL in our Log).

Read this First: https://www.artsy.net/article/artsy-editorial-4-tips-writing-good-artist-statement