The Glove Critique/Grading Rubric

Here is the grading rubric and what you should have on your ePort,  Put the URL in the Google Doc before class on Tuesday, October 3.

Grading for ePort


  • 3 images of gesture drawings, 1 image of a drawing where you built up the form starting from the center working outwards,  and 2 Images of day one of clay work.  Text: Explain the concept of 2D gesture drawing and how it functions (same and Different) in 3D.  Reflect on the difficulties you had in shifting to 3D and describe an epiphany (something you realized the will help you in the future).  This might be about drawing or your own art. etc.


  • 2-3 images of glove using the pins to locate points.

Text:  Explain what relationships you are thinking about here and Reflect on what if any difficulties you had.


  • 2-3 images of clay glove with form getting filled out.

Text: describe what you were doing and reflect on the difficulties you may have experienced.


  • 2-3 images of clay glove using simplified planes to describe the form.

Text:  Explain the process and difficulties/epiphanies.


  • 2-3 images of Final piece.

Text:  Explain how you showed a difference in color or material and evaluate its success.  It it believable?

Grading for Clay Glove

20% Natural gesture/position

15% Realistic proportions

15% Realistic modeling of surface