Body Project

Representations of the Body




Using planar and linear elements, create a sculpture that has a relationship to the body. The piece should not be a direct representation of a body or body part, but should instead be something that relates to or suggests a body (such as a shirt or a crutch). The obvious place to start is with a sketch or idea of an actual, literal shirt (for example), but you should try to push your literal thought into the realm of the metaphorical. Instead of a simple shirt, shift your idea into the symbolic by using your imagination and departing from the normal definition of what makes a shirt.


Consider the principles of three-dimensional design, such as how the eye moves around a form, repetition of elements, scale, etc.


Step 1: Draw 3 possible ideas in your Sketchbook that are well developed.

Step 2: Pick one Draw Full Scale Drawing

Step 3: Take measurements, make template

Step 4: Plan how to make it.


Body Project


10%     Sketchbook Drawings,

10%     Full scale Drawing

30%     Engages the viewer physically (able to project themselves into object)

35%     Dynamic/Interesting Form

25%     Appropriate Craft


Bring in your own sharpie marker, scissors and measuring device (24”ruler or tape Measure).

You Must Have these!!!