Plasma Table Software

“The only way to learn about it, is to use it and make mistakes until you figure it out!”

Abraham Lincoln (overheard talking about software and wing-suit flying)

  1. The Importance of Saving Files 2:37
  2. How to Draw Basic Shapes 7:54
  3. The Importance of Show Fill and Make Path 2:16
  4. Guidelines 4:18
  5. Weld tools 2:44
  6. How to Round Corners 5:17
  7. Make your name plate 2:17
  • Do this 1: Watch this (scroll down to the first video: Introduction to Torchmate CAD Part 1) and Make your Name Plate (step by step) 30:43
  • Do this 2: Make a 16’x 16′ square and bring in different shapes, copy them multiple times, changing sizes and orientation to form a pattern. Change text to graphics, Make Path, Show Fill to make sure it is cutting out what you need. All of these steps are in the Intoduction to Torchmate CAD Part 1. Follow the tutorial and do it as you go.

The following link takes you to Torchmate University . There is more information here, but the guy doing the tutorials goes way to fast and is hard to follow. Worth watching if you get the basics first in the above Tutorials.