Vessel, Basket, Boat, Blimp, Nest

Vessel, Basket, Boat, Blimp, Nest

(This ain’t your grandmothers Hot Rod!)


You will make an object that:

  • Communicates the idea of a journey.
  • Uses “Structure” as a visual element
  • Has a minimum size of 6 feet
  • Uses wood lamination and industrial shrink-wrap as a construction method.



Use the following web links as source material and develop 3 different ideas for your “Vehicle” in your sketchbook.  Each idea should have many well developed drawings that explore different forms, possibilities for propulsion, options that use the structure as pattern.  Feel free to make up your own Laws of Physics as to how this imagery vehicle will work and be inventive.

Wooden boats


Curved laminated wood

Wheeled images

Medieval wheels

Come to class with 4 pages of drawings for each idea (12 pages total).  Bring your own wire cutters and pliers (You will need these!)




Wood lamination Project Grading Rubric


40%  Dynamic Gesture/Form (implies movement)

25%   Communicates the idea of Journey

10%   Drawings (12 pages)

25%   Craft of Execution