History of Your Discipline Presentation

Senior Thesis:

History of Your Discipline Presentation


Do a 10-minute presentation on the history of your discipline. Use visuals to accompany the presentation. Don’t just focus on stylistic trends; make sure you discuss the theoretical ideas that inform each movement. Make sure you include modernism and postmodernism, which are so important to our contemporary moment; in fact, even though you must trace your discipline from its “beginning,” make sure your main emphasis is on the last 100 years. The presentation should be informative, well-organized, creative, engaging, and intellectually rigorous.


Grading Rubric:

Good overview of periods                                                      25%

Balance of theoretical and aesthetic information             25%

Coverage of modernism and postmodernism                   20%

Effective use of visuals                                                           15%

Presentation is creative and engaging                                15%