Body Project: “Get that body out of here!”

Thinking about the shape and size of the body make a device using pipe and rod that could be used to haul another person over a long distance (drag, roll, levitate etc.). The device need not actually work but look as if it could (scale and function). You could invent your own laws of physics to make the device more mysterious but keep in mind the viewer should be able to see it as device to move the body . Keep in mind the elements of 3D design to make the object visually dynamic.

Grading Rubic

30% Suggests or implies a relationship to the body

40% Suggests of implies Movement

30% Dynamic composition that uses repetition and contrast.

Read this: The-Inanimate World of Rebecca Horn

Look at this:

Now do you own research… Be sure to document all parts of the ePort suggestions on your ePort.