10 Forms


This sculpture will consist of a minimum of 10 forms that are no bigger than 1’ each. Use the same material for each form. The material choice is up to you. (Wood, steel, plaster, etc.) Develop forms in your sketchbook that relate to one another. Each form should contrast as well as relate to one another.  These are non-representational.


You should do sketches, and Maquettes. Come to class on Monday with ideas in your sketchbooks and materials to start working.


There will be a pre-critique critique. Half the forms will be due. There will be no extensions. Late projects will receive a failing grade. You are responsible for all materials.


Clearly we do not have time for this! How do you feel about 5 forms, Small, say 3”-4” out of clay. They will not get fired so you do not need to worry about those (solid, etc.) constraints when you make these.