Where to go to get ReMake

You want to go to the Free Student site and then select “Personal or individual”




Software setup: Desktop + Cloud

ReMake is what we call a ‘cloud enabled desktop application’. This means there are tools in ReMake that require no connection to the Internet, and some that require Internet as they use the power of the cloud to perform heavy calculations, eliminating the need to own a really strong computer.

What happens in the Desktop app?

Everything starts in the desktop app. You first install ReMake as a desktop app. From here you can:

  • Create 3D from photos by either sending the photos to the cloud (the Online processing option which is recommended) or make 3D from photos using the local computer ( this is the offline option that requires a really strong computer)
  • import 3d models


You can then further clean up, fix, edit or optimize so that you can than export or publish them. All operations to clean, fix, edit, scale, make diff analysis, prep for 3d printing, make videos, high res imagery and export to various file formats for different downstream workflows, and happens offline, without a need for the cloud.

What operations happen on the cloud?

There are two main workflows in which you would need to be connected to the internet:

  • Creating 3D from photos.
  • Publishing 3D models to an online Gallery for interactive viewing, to share online or embed on a website. See examples here: https://remake.autodesk.com/gallery .


Both require an Autodesk login that you can get for Free here https://accounts.autodesk.com/register.

With that free Autodesk account, you will also get free 5Gb storage on 360.autodesk.com that Remake uses in the background to upload the photos, so that our online algorithms can convert to 3D and then to temporarily place that mesh for download and use in ReMake.