How to Print (with No Supports added)

Procedure for Printing

Read this:

You will need the following info in a few of the steps.

  • The printer bed size is 7” X 7”. Make your largest Dimension of your model 6.75”.
  • Before you do anything, Save your file to your desk top as a (.mix) to back up your work. (Upper menu bar-File (then)  Save As)
  • But for printing you need to export it as (*.stl).  When your model is ready to print you will fill out the form Here for the PSU Print Depot.  If your stl file is over 20MB, which it probably will be, you will need to save it to your One Drive and put the URL on the form.  Be sure to follow the instructions on the form which are pretty straight forward.  You should get a conformation email and a price.  Don’t forget to pick a color and put it in the note section of the print form!

    Millimeter to Inch conversion Calculator:



    Once you’re done tweaking the support structure, you can save the project in a native ‘.mix’ format file that will let you reopen it later, and make further tweaks, or indeed totally remove the support and start over.  You can also save a combined mesh file that includes the original object and all the support struts, in several different formats, including .obj, .ply, .dae, .amf and, of course, as an STL file.

    Here is the full article if you want more information:

    This takes you through all the steps you need to print.  Follow this and use the above information: