Kitsch Study Guide

Kitsch Study Guide



  1. What does the word “etymology” mean? (Look it up.)




  1. Define “Kitsch”




  1. Define “Ubiquity”





  1. Why was the word “kitsch” used to describe both “objects” and “a way of life” in the early 20th century? In your answer describe the “objects” and “the way of life” that came before that time.   How was it different?





  1. Explain what is meant in the reading by “Two Tears of Kitsch”.






  1. Give some examples of objects in culture that do what this statement describes: “Kitsch’s ubiquity as “the faked article that surrounds and presses in” [11] obscures–some would claim consumes–the reality that it imitates.” He (Broch) compared the difference between art and kitsch to the absolute schism between good and evil: “The Anti-Christ looks like Christ, acts and speaks like Christ, but is all the same Lucifer.






  1. Why did Greenberg see Kitsch as a threat to High Culture?



  1. Who was Clement Greenberg? (Yup! Google it!)