1. DOWNLOAD and INSTALL Easy 3D Scan –


  1. REGISTER the account on Cappasity platform


  1. CREATE A VIDEO of 1.5 spins of the object – MP4/.MOV formats or use a video sample for testing –


  1. Download the video to your PC or


  1. Launch Easy 3D Scan and click “Import 3D View”. Select the video file and click “Continue”. A green process bar will appear at the bottom and in approximately 1 minute it will reach 100%. The created 3D View image will appear on the screen.


  1. CROP the image if necessary –


  1. Click “Continue” – use the toolset to turn the background white and improve the colors of the image –


  1. Click “Continue” and “Upload” – enter title, SKU number, description. Click “Upload”.


  1. The pop-up window will display a link to the 3D View on your Cappasity account. Click on the link to view the image and obtain the embed


  1. Click “Log in” – enter your login and password. Select a 3D View and click “Embed”. Copy the iframe code and paste it into your website.


Usually websites and major e-commerce platforms allow embedding iframes as a source code (HTML) within the product description.

Please, see some examples here: