How to Make your 3D Model


Digital 3D Modeling

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123D Make

How to make a 3D digital model: Watch these!


Shooting and image upload

Uplaod you Photos to 123D Catch

Starting your first project

Mesh Details

Steps of how to create a capture:

  1. Open the 123D Catch desktop program.
  2. Click on “Create a New Capture”
  3. Create a new Autodesk account (free) or sign in with another service.
  4. Navigate to the folder where you have all your photos, select them all and hit Open.
  5. Click the “Create Project” button.
  6. Supply your name and e-mail address, and agree to the terms.
    • Your 3D model will be e-mailed to you when it is done.
  7. On the next window, update whatever fields you want and click the Email Me button.
  8. Wait for your photos to upload.

When your model is finished processing, you will be sent a download link for the 3DP project file via e-mail. Grab it and open it in 123D Catch.

Cleaning up the 3D model
The model created by 123D Catch will contain more than just the object you were photographing; it will also contain parts of the platform it was sitting on and possibly bits of the surrounding environment.

  1. Save the scene with a different filename so you always have a backup of the original.
  2. Use the rectangular and lasso selection tools to select parts of the object that you do not want and delete them.
  3. Go to File > Export Capture and save your 3D model as an OBJ file.
    • If this feature is grayed out, you may need to sign in. You can do this at the top right of the program (at the top of the white toolbar).

How to make the bottom Flat:

  • Open the program (123D Catch) and select Open an Existing Capture or Create an Empty Project
  • Choose the file you want
  • Clean up the model by using either the Lasso or Paint tools
  • Use the Select tool and the Delete tool to delete any unwanted parts of the model
  • To heal unwanted holes, click Inspect Model. All holes will be outlined.
  • Select either Cap All, which will fix all the holes, or Cap Single, which will allow you to select the hole you want healed by clicking on the pin located on the hole
  • Use the Plane Cut tool to make the model flat on the bottom
  • Bring the Plane down to the bottom of the model and click Apply. This will also heal any holes on the bottom.
  • Save the file


Resources and other tools:

Main Autodesk123D website

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Slicing the bottom flat using Meshmixer: