Studio Sign up Info: Room 118

118 Open Space 
Maximum Room Capacity: 6 

There is a requirement that students work a minimum of 2 hours of studio time outside of class per week. The studios are open from 8am-11pm and are available to you whenever class is not in session. Sign up in ½ hour blocks to reserve your spots. You can do this two ways:   

  1. Reserve your spot in advance using the URL ( ) or the QR code on the door of the room; 
  2. Take a chance and just show up at the Studio and hope there is a spot for you (6 Students at any one time MAX!).  If you do this, use the URL or QR code to sign up when you arrive so that we have a record of your attendance, which is required for the course and which helps with contact tracing for COVID.  

Tips for signing up:  

  • To sign up for slots, scan the QR code on the door of the studio, or just visit this link:
  • Scroll down the sheet until you get to the bottom where the WEEKS are listed and select the week you’re looking to sign up for.  
  • Want to sign up for regular blocks throughout the semester? Go ahead! Good planning strategy!   
  • Areas darkened out are class times and not available for signup.  
  • Sign up with your friends if you want to work together!  
  • Make sure you sign up before entering the room!  
  • IF you decide to roll the dice and show up without reserving a spot in advance, you can only sign up and enter  IF THERE ARE LESS THAN 6 PEOPLE IN THE ROOM AND AN OPEN SPOT ON THE SIGN UP SHEET. There is a maximum of 6 people in this studio at a time and you MUST BE SIGNED IN to use the studio! People who have signed up on the sheet get priority when they arrive. If there are 6 people signed up and only 5 in the room, you can go in and work until that sixth person arrives and then, because they reserved the spot, you will need to leave.  Please make this an easy and comfortable arrangement for everyone!   
  • Unfortunately, due to space limitations, people not enrolled in courses are not allowed in the studios this semester.